MGB Deluxe Trim Panel Set | Pull Handle



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This kit contains the correct door panels for use with the pull-type exterior handle and includes the cut-out for the interior door lock.

    Specification: Will fit all original MGB pull handle doors from 1962-1965.

    Our leathers are a unique combination of natural grain, patina and aroma which make it first choice for classic interiors. The natural origins of each hide we use are individual, visible hallmarks which give depth and character to each piece. Dressing and finish enhances the distinctive natural characteristics to retain the beauty and integrity of the Leather for years to come.

    An inspiring array of Vinyls designed and produced for Automotive applications both durable in wear and UV resistance. Quality Cotton backed all our Vinyls can be used as a complimentary material to Leather or equally as a standalone product. 

    Micro Suede
    Elegant and soft to the touch, this unique material is a microfiber fabric found within the Automotive industry as well as fashion and furniture. With a Suede feel it is robust and hard wearing whilst remaining the go to look for high end custom and bespoke finishes.

    Sourced from a selected range of trusted UK suppliers to ensure sustainability, correct grains and textures with durability and performance to enhance your MG interior.

    Our Deluxe kit contain enough additional vinyl material to recover all capping & waist rails and includes door panel fixing clips and stainless trim screws & washers. Panel kits feature original detailing, accurate stitched piping and correct welded patterns. We supply both an O.E range of panels which faithfully replicates the original together with a range of bespoke classic designs with vinyl carefully trimmed onto accurate CNC cut boards.

    Our Deluxe Trim Kits Contents:

    1 x Pair Front Foot-Well Panels
    1 x Pair Door Cards
    1 x Pair Rear Wheel Arch Panels
    1 x Rear Cockpit panel ( Roadster) or 1 x Tailgate Panels (GT)
    1 x Interior Capping Cover Kit
    1 x Set Of Weather Strip Window Brushes (For Cappings)
    1 x Pack Trim Screws & Fixings

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