Upgrade Your MGB: How to Find the Perfect Interior That's a Cut Above the Rest


If you love your Classic MGB or MGBGT, you're in for a treat! As an experienced trimmer specialising in bespoke design and upholstery for MG Vehicles, I'm here to guide you on your quest for the perfect interior to suit your MGB. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we explore the world of MGB interiors and discover the secrets to elevating your driving experience!

 The Timeless Appeal of the Classic MGB & MGBGT’ (not forgetting “Cs” & V8’s)

There's something special about these cars, isn't there? They hold a nostalgic charm that takes us back. Step back in time as we celebrate the enduring appeal of Classic MGBs and GTs, the true gems of automotive history.

The first time I laid eyes on an MGB; it screamed MG Styling,The lines, the curves - it was typical Abingdon. And I knew right then that I had to have one.

 Importance of an Interior Upgrade

You might be thinking, "Why bother with an interior upgrade? It's what's under the bonnet that matters!" But trust me, as we uncover the hidden magic of a well-designed interior, you'll understand why it's worth every penny. Sliding into your MGB's driver's seat, it feels like it was custom-made just for you. The detail, The smell, from the stitching to the design exudes a little luxury and comfort. That's the magic of a perfect interior.

At the NEC Classic car show in November a customer was unsure about upgrading his MGB's interior. But after I explained how we could keep the original design features but include additional lumbar and side bolster support in the seats along with original style carpets that have built-in insulation he couldn't believe the difference. "It's like stepping into a whole new world,".


Understanding Bespoke Design Upholstery

You might wonder, "What's this 'bespoke design upholstery' you keep talking about?" Prepare to be amazed as we unravel the mysteries of bespoke design upholstery and how it can transform your MGB's interior into a work of art that reflects your unique style and taste.

On a recent project, a customer wanted a traditional-inspired interior that would match the classic look of his MGB. We worked together, choosing the perfect leather and piping detail, along with interior trim panels, and the end result was stunning.


Choosing Quality Materials

When it comes to creating a perfect interior, the choice of materials can make all the difference. After all, you want your MGB to stand the test of time, just like its classic design. Discover the secret to long-lasting luxury as we dive into the world of high-quality fabrics and leather that not only look great but also ensure unmatched durability and comfort.


Navigating Colour and Texture Choices

Prepare to be inspired by a palette of timeless colours and textures that will bring your interior vision to life. Classic MGs evoke a sense of nostalgia, so timeless colour schemes work wonders. Think warm Tans, Blacks, Antique Reds, as well as rich Creams and Biscuits that perfectly match the spirit of these beauties.

 Incorporating Comfort and Functionality

We all love the aesthetic appeal of a stunning interior, but let's not forget about comfort and functionality. Your "B" is not just a showpiece; it's a car to be driven and enjoyed. So, consider the seats, the firmness, ergonomic considerations for the perfect balance, as well as heated seat upgrades for the early Spring or late Autumn drives.

 The Process of Customising Your MGB Interior

Customisation might sound intimidating, but fear not! Together, we'll embark on a collaborative journey to create a stunning finish that reflects your personal style. We'll discuss your interior preferences, materials, and any specific features you desire. Then, we'll work hand in hand to bring your dream interior to life.


Showcasing Success Stories

I've had the privilege of working with numerous MGB enthusiasts, and their reactions to the finished interiors are the most rewarding part of my job. From aesthetics to modern luxuries, each interior reflects the unique personality of its owner.

 Budget Considerations

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking - "This sounds amazing, but what about the cost?" Rest assured, we have options to suit different budgets, so you can have the perfect interior without breaking the bank.


If you're looking for the crowning glory to end your restoration or add that missing something, consider the journey to finding the perfect interior for your Classic MGB or MGBGT. Your interior will add a personal touch that makes your MGB truly yours. It's an exciting journey, and together we can create an interior that will make you fall in love with your "B" all over again. Happy driving!