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With a passion for classic cars. The look, the sound,the smell, there is nothing else quite like it. I started my career as an upholsterer for a local furniture manufacturer, in my spare time and weekends I would attend local classic car events with my two daughters in our little Morris Minor 1000 (Fred).

Needing to renew the interior I bought my own industrial sewing machine. Once I had completed the upholstery for Fred it seemed such a shame to stop there. Using my upholstery and patterning skills I was able to recreate and mirror several classic interiors and such was the demand we were able to start Mirror Trim from a small workshop in our garden.

Over a decade later in our own trim shop we offer so much more than just interiors. With years of knowledge and a family ethos we are now recognised as a leading manufacturer of handcrafted trim and specialise in the MG marque. 

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