"MGB Interiors: Elevate Your Driving Experience with Bespoke and Expertly Crafted Carpets!"

Immaculate MGB GT Interior: Classic Elegance and Detailing Expertise

At Mirror Trim, we are continually striving to improve all aspect of our business and as part of this improvement, we have just installed our latest edition tooling to create the best MGB Carpet Set with moulded transmission tunnel and rear GT arches.

MGB Carpet Moulding Oven

The new oven and thermoform tooling compliment our Roller Cutting Press (RCP) machines and dramatically improve our range and capacity.

    1. MGB GT Carpet Moulded

This new equipment represents a quantum leap in production capability and improves the quality of our MGB Moulded Carpet Sets, the ultimate for Roadsters & MGB GT models.

MGB Carpet Fitting

This significant investment was essential so that we can reduce our lead-times to meet our customer expectations by making interior carpet fitting for the MGB Roadster & MGB GT easier and far more straight forward for DIY Carpet Installation.