Our Trim Panel Kits

Our Deluxe kit contain enough additional vinyl material to recover all capping & waist rails and includes door panel fixing clips and stainless trim screws & washers. Panel kits feature original detailing, accurate stitched piping and correct welded patterns. We supply both an O.E range of panels which faithfully replicates the original together with a range of bespoke classic designs with vinyl carefully trimmed onto accurate CNC cut boards.

Our Deluxe Trim Kits Contents:

1 x Pair Front Foot-Well Panels
1 x Pair Door Cards
1 x Pair Rear Wheel Arch Panels
1 x Rear Cockpit panel ( Roadster) or 1 x Tailgate Panels (GT)
1 x Interior Capping Cover Kit
1 x Set Of Weather Strip Window Brushes (For Cappings)
1 x Pack Trim Screws & Fixings