Powder Blue / Tufted Carpet Sample


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Automotive best quality tufted carpet for worn and damaged carpets requiring replacement. Used in both our standard, molded & boot carpet sets.

O.E quality full replacement MG carpets manufactured using premium hessian backed auto velour woven in the UK.

Our team are on hand to provide detailed advice and instructions on removing and install of our carpeted products. Most popular in Black, this range is available in Ten different shades to suit all interiors.

Roll Width: 150cm (59") wide
Thickness: 1.2mm
Backing: Polypropylene Rot Proof Latex
Suitable for:  Classic car carpet trim, boot sets & moulded tunnels


Our  deep pile tufted auto carpet is manufactured using 100% polypropylene man-made fibre and with a latex rubber backing.  It is high quality, long lasting, durable and rot-proof. Made in the UK.

 10 colours available in the range