"Immaculate MGB GT headlining showcasing elegance within the classic car's interior."
Flawless MGB GT headlining enhancing the interior of this iconic classic car
MGB GT headlining kit: Elevate your restoration project with this comprehensive solution for a refreshed interior.
MGB GT Original Leyland Grey Fabric Headlining Material



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The headlining of an MGB GT is the material that covers the interior roof of the car. Over time, the headlining can become worn, stained, or damaged, detracting from the overall appearance of the car's interior. 

Replacing the headlining with a new kit is a relatively simple way to improve the look and feel of your MGB GT's interior. A headlining kit typically includes a foam-backed fabric material that is cut to fit the interior roof of the car. The kit is designed to be easy to install, with no special tools or skills required.

In addition to improving the appearance of the car's interior, a new headlining kit can also provide insulation and soundproofing benefits. The foam backing of the kit helps to reduce outside noise and insulate the interior of the car, making for a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Overall, a new headlining kit is a great investment for any MGB GT owner looking to refresh the look of their car's interior and improve their driving experience.

Product Contains: Foam Backed Roof Section Material, 2 X Cant Rail Covers, Front & Rear Head rail Covers, B Post Cover & Adhesive. NO HARDWARE OR MOULDINGS INCLUDED.

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